Almost everyone has ordered something on Amazon, especially this year. In 2020 I think everyone has purchased more online than ever before.

I use Amazon quite a bit especially if I can't find something somewhere or I am looking for something unique or am looking to get something cheaper.

Never ever in my life did I think I would order this certain item online, much less from Amazon. I don't even go online to get my groceries. I still like to go to the grocery store and get my stuff, but when the store is constantly out of a certain item I like to buy, I was forced to buy it on Amazon.

First of all when it comes to having toilet paper that is something I always have. I buy TP in bulk, because I never want to run out. When I open the last package of rolls in the bulk size, I go buy a more. This day and age that is easier said than done. Since toilet paper has become scarce again toilet paper can be hard to find, especially if you use a certain brand.  Now if it meant using  a different brand or not having toilet paper, I would obviously get whatever brand I had to.

I only like to use Charmin toilet paper and these days it seems that it is the first brand to sell out. Lately when I have been to the store if they have toilet paper they never have Charmin, so I decided to order it on Amazon.

I cannot believe I ordered toilet paper from Amazon. Even though I have Amazon Prime it still took over a week to get it, but hey I still got it. I was so worried about porch pirates, I didn't want someone to see a box of toilet paper sitting on my porch and take it, because right now it not so easy to get more.

What is something you cannot believe your ordered from Amazon?

Amazon Anticipates Strong Holiday Shopping Season
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