When we moved here in July and enjoyed how windy it is here in West Texas because of the heat--we weren't thinking that a few months later when we finally closed on our new house that when it came to outside holiday decorations, how that very same wind may affect what we choose to do. Do we stick with just lights on the house? Do we add anything to the front yard? Will inflatables blow away? Is a door wreath going to stay on the door in a good wind?

We went with all of those things--and so far, so good--minus the inflatables anyway. They're anchored so they don't blow away--but getting them to continue to stand for longer than 10 minutes after you adjust them so they're all the way in the upright position is a challenge. We have an inflatable Grinch and an inflatable Rudolph that came with us in the boxes from Illinois... And there are plenty of other houses down our street and in our neighborhood who have them as well, who don't seem to be having the same issues with the wind that we do.

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Perhaps a knock on some doors to ask what their secret is is in order... Or maybe, you wouldn't mind dropping me a note here and letting me know if you're having the same problem and what you're doing about it to stop it from happening. They do light up, and they look cute in the front yard, but they just won't continue to stand. Regardless--if you've gone all-out with your holiday decorating this year you definitely need to get photos taken and submit one of them in our Light Up Contest. Worth it for the prize money from Massage Envy for sure.

All of us here at the station wish you all the happiest of holidays and that you enjoy  great times with family and friends safely. Seriously--if you have a tip on the decorations, email me.


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