As you've heard Gwen and I talk about on the morning show--there are a total of 2,017 families that need adopting this Christmas in the Permian Basin---and so far a little over 700 have been.... That leaves a WHOLE LOT of families / kids that won't have a Christmas right here in our community this year... 3:11 Ministries is a wonderful organization that steps in to help make sure that doesn't happen. But they can't do it without YOUR help!

3:11 Ministries is a local organization that helps underprivileged kids in Midland County that are in need. And all of us here at Lonestar 92.3 are getting involved to help on Giving Tuesday! Here's how you can help:

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We're doing a Request-A-Thon from 6am til Noon Tuesday morning 12/1. Requests, if it's within the Country format--are $5. If you want us to go crazy and play something NOT in our format--that'll cost ya $10! You can also do a shout out or dedication with your request. 100% of the proceeds go to purchasing the items on each families' list this Christmas. So let's make it a ton of fun on the radio and open our hearts and our wallets for an amazing cause. Skip the coffee for one morning at the shop and take that $5 and donate it. $5 can get a child a hat, gloves and mittens.

If you want to find out more about the amazing things they're doing right here in our community, click here. We'll have all the info to donate starting bright and early at 6am on the Morning Show--so please plan on listening, and donating if you can. I know this year has been tough on everyone--so we're not asking for big things. $5 can make all the difference in the world! Of course if you can do more--request all you want--we'll keep playin 'em for the kids! You only have from 6am-Noon so don't wait all morning!


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