Ever wonder what's going on in the studio while the songs are playing? What are the personalities doing? Are they talking on the phone to a listener? Are they planning the next thing they're going to talk about? Are they surfing the web? Are they eating? All of these things are a YES--at some point or another during the show. And all of the above usually involves lots of coffee consumption too. But something I always get to see every morning? It's Gwen's daily beautification process. Usually starts with hair. Then morphs into makeup.

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What's always fun is that when she's in the middle of it all--and we have to do a segment on the air so she has to pause, put her headphones on, and off we go! It can sometimes be hard not to chuckle when there are strands of hair going in a few different directions underneath those headphones while you're trying to concentrate and entertain...

So the next time you're in the car, driving to work; or at the office after 8am with the radio turned up.... Or you're just turning over in bed after the alarm has gone off and you've opted to hit snooze a few times... NOW you have a picture of what's going on at the other end of the speakers while you're listening. One way or another-I couldn't be more thankful to have such a wonderful partner who gave full permission for me to take this photo (above) AND post it for you to see. She's one of a kind for sure and we love that she's here at Lonestar.

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