I don't know if you knew this but I can help you get a website with in 5-7 business days!

One of the foundations of a successful business is a great website. Your website can say a lot of things about your business. A good website will invite viewers in to stay a while and a not so good website won't keep their attention at all. The object of the game is keep your viewers on your website as long as you can.

You can build your own website on many platforms across the internet. Most of them are going to make you pay high fees and lock you into a contract. Not me.

Our websites here at TownSquare Media, require no contracts, no design fees and no change fees. We also offer you unlimited keywords.  We don't require a contract because we want to earn your business

Not only can we build your website but we can do some many things to enhance your online presence. Let start with SEO, Search Engine Optimization. We will work to get your business to the top of google. First of all you don't want your competition to out rank you and you and I both know, no one looks past the first page of google.

We obviously can tie in your social media to your website. There are so qualifications that google requires to recognize your business as a trusted business on the internet. We will google verify you across all platforms.

Many people without websites often say, "well we have a facebook." That's all well and good but google doesn't recognize a Facebook as business page.

If you are interested in a website or looking to revamp yours feel free to reach out to me on LoneStar's Facebook page, you call call the office at 4320563-5636 or email me at gwen.mccown@townsquaremedia.com


Jeff Huting



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