It's been a different past twelve months for all of us. Things in life we never imagined experiencing, and our way of life altered with our daily travels and the way we navigate them being so different than 2019. Being locked down in quarantine for months last Spring, working from home, never really leaving the house other than to maybe walk the dog or go for a walk, run to the grocery store (and hope the shelves weren't bare), etc etc. No need to completely break it down--as we all LIVED it. So that begs the question with April Fool's Day fast approaching:

To prank, or not to prank?

For as much fun as it can be to pull a prank on a coworker, friend or family member and to laugh (hopefully WITH them and not AT them)--you have to give pause and think... And wonder--if this is a year to maybe SKIP and pick up the goofiness NEXT year. After things have had some time to calm down and people in general aren't so sensitive to having tricks or pranks pulled on them. When is is safe? Only you know the answer based on the people in your life and world. Can they handle being messed with for a laugh? Or is it best to let things ride the way they are this year and get back to some kind of "normal", whatever that may mean for everyone, and pick it up again later?

I can tell you this--a day of national silliness and pranks isn't worth angering or upsetting anyone--and it's certainly not worth losing a friendship over. So--this year--think long and hard about it before you jump right into the Prankster role... Always better to be safe than sorry.

BUT--if you insist and maybe just need some FUN in your life--Best Life has a great list of Harmless Pranks that they claim won't lose you any friends. Check it out HERE.

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