Gwen and Gunner will take your calls at 7:20am weekday mornings at 432-563-8-923 or 432-561-8336 to take on Gwen in a Country Music Trivia battle!  It's always multiple choice for the answers--and the best part for YOU is--even if Gwen beats you by getting more answers correct than you--you STILL win the free Texas Steak Express just for playing! It's a coupon good for 2 Cheeseburgers, 2 Chips and 2 sweet teas--so it's lunch or dinner for two!

Just to give you an idea of what kind of questions we ask:

"What Country Music Superstar also has her own Theme Park?" Is it:

A) Shania Twain      B) Faith Hill      C) Dolly Parton

Answer: Dolly Parton (Dollywood)

So they aren't impossibly hard questions, and it's all for the bragging rights if you beat our local Queen of Country Music Knowledge! So get ready to call in and play weekday mornings at 7:20!

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