After living here in Midland for almost 9 months now-I finally got to see an actual show at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center. My wife and I went last night to see comedian Brian Regan--and it was terrific! He had a great opening act in Joe Zimmerman--VERY funny! I was always told by everyone here at the station that West Texas loves standup comedy-and I got to see it first hand last night. A packed house as much as it could be--with safety precautions all in place that included taped-off seating to insure social distancing, a mask rule that unless you were drinking or eating you needed to have face coverings on and in place, and hand sanitizer stations at every entrance and exit--we were all as safe as could be.

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Joe opened up the show and immediately was relatable to the Permian Basin crowd by talking about this being his very first visit to West Texas, and that he liked it. Especially the wind and the dirt blowing in the wind. Said it left a nice coating on his forehead from his walk around the area. Of course we all laughed and can relate. Brian was great as well--even making a mistake telling a joke about his hometown Miami Dolphins, pointing out the mistake, then walking the audience back thru the joke where we finally got the punch line delivered--as HE put it--14 minutes later!

My absolute favorite thing about the whole show--was that absolutely NO profanity was used at all--by EITHER comic--the entire evening. And yet--they were still hilarious! If he comes back to the area, and you haven't seen him yet--you can't miss it! It's very exciting that we have shows to attend here in Texas being in a state that's 100% open. I'm also very proud of everyone that lives here as we continue to practice safe habits as we watch our COVID numbers continue to drop... Keep up the great work, and see you out and about!

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