Texas has many unique and interesting things. Not only in well travelled, well-populated areas but especially in the places we don't frequent on a regular basis. Thankfully up to this point-the only critters I've come in contact with in-person thus far since the move here last July from Chicago--has been a couple scorpions. I've heard there are a variety of Rattlesnakes here and other creatures that can cause me harm--lol--so I'm treading lightly, especially in the brush! Seeing a pretty decent-sized scorpion walking along in the hallway here at the station last summer was crazy--but then I had a much smaller one show up on the floor in my dining room at home towards fall. Thankfully it was dead when I came across it (the one at home) because we have a service that sprays... But it's always interesting to hear about what awaits that I HAVEN'T heard about or seen yet.

And I wouldn't have known there were really any more--if it weren't for a conversation on the morning show this morning with Gwen--where I got to learn about "Horny Toads". I had heard that expression watching a Yosemite Sam cartoon when I was a kid: "Great Horny Toadies!!"... But hadn't ever seen one-til this morning when Gwen brought up being afraid of them when she was little because boys would tell her they "spit blood at you", so she would stay far away from them.

So of course I had to look into it--and what I came across said the population of them in Texas was dwindling but they were still quite prevalent in New Mexico and Oklahoma. Still--I'm going to keep my eye out when I'm off the beaten path and maybe--just maybe I'll see one. I know they don't actually spit blood so I won't be too afraid if one comes running towards me.

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