Most of the time the saying goes, you never know what you will find HIDING behind something, but in my case there was no hiding.

I have seen some strange things over the span of time I have lived at my house from a lost non English speaking  man thinking my house was the house to neighbors who would literally have boxing matches in the front yard.

What I found on Sunday I think just might take the cake. Sunday, as you know was Easter, so I had some friends and family over for dinner. After dinner when we were cleaning up and taking some trash out to the dumpster in the ally. My step dad was helping with trash, so I opened the gate for him and I looked out and saw a tree limb, not a branch but a huge limb that crossed the entire alley way, as if someone didn't want anyone driving through. I stepped out into the alley and saw stuff every where.  As I walked towards the dumpster and looked closer, I saw there was a tent that had once been erect. There was bedding on the ground, a Yeti type cup and 3 gallon water bottle. I told my step dad it looked like someone had set up camp outside my back fence.  My step dad went a little further down to find a pile of what looked like someone's personal belongings.

I called my neighbor to come out back and he said that he had seen it earlier because when his son went to take the trash out he had seen the whole campsite, so my neighbor called the cops and talked to the guy and told him he was going to have to move and the cops came and told him the same thing. So by the time I got there he was tearing everything down.

Had I gone out there by myself, it would have scared the life out of me. So you never know what you will find hiding behind the house. Be careful out there.


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