Once again Governor Greg Abbott coming to the defense of Texans rights. This morning Governor Greg Abbott issues an Executive Order declaring their would be no vaccine passport requirements in the State of Texas.

Speculation has recently been made that you may have to have a vaccine passport to travel or attend certain events. Greg Abbott says, No Way!  In a post on social media this morning he declared  he would sign an Executive Order say there would be no vaccine passport requirements.

Texans shouldn’t be required to show proof of vaccination & reveal private health information just to go about their daily lives.
I issued an Executive Order that prohibits government-mandated vaccine passports in Texas.
Don't tread on our personal freedoms.

I don't know how it will be legal to require a vaccine passport, wouldn't that be a violation of HIPPA rights. I don't see how you have to be required to disclose your personal health information. I could see so many lawsuits that could come out of this.

TicketMaster has said they will require an event goer to be vaccinated or must have a negative test within 72 hours of the event.  Again, I don't know how they can require you to disclose your private health information.  It would be like asking a cancer patient to carry a card everywhere they went and telling everyone they had cancer. Please would lose their minds if that was required for HIV/Aids. People would never let that happen.

So why must share with the world that we got the vaccine. I myself did not want to get the vaccine and had no plans to get one but, when I hearing that it may be required to travel, I went ahead and got one.

Again, Way to Go, Greg Abbott.  "Don't Tread On Me."

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