La Hacienda Event center seems like it is always changing and adding something new. When construction of the red building began being built and even now people are guessing as to what it may be.

I will tell you all about the red building here in a minute, but have you seen what's going on behind the recently closed in front gate. You might have noticed recently when you have been to a show at the Hacienda, that an area that you used to park has now been closed off. You know, the area behind the brick walls.  Where you used to be able to drive in is not two gate looking doors. There is a reason for that because soon that area will be come an entrance into the venue and the ticketing area. You might also have seen big huge metal beams sticking up in the air, there is a reason for that too. The Hacienda Event Center is building an outdoor concert venue, they are calling it, Under The Stars Amphitheater at La Hacienda Event Center.  This will allow the Hacienda to host bigger acts/shows and allow more people in. I keep telling you if you keep coming out for the shows we are having now,  we can prove we will support big acts to come through here. So, look for big things to be happening at the Hacienda.

Now to the red building. The red building will be a very nice restaurant and bar. There are rumors that it will have a pool inside it. That is true! It will eventually have a pool in the back of it. It will have massive TV screens, multiple bars and fire pits. The building is a two story building for dinning. It will be called La Santa.

Big things are coming to the Hacienda, I can't wait until they are all revealed.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

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