Ah sleep. There's never been a time before now in the human existence where sleep and enough hours to get a good night of it come few and far between. From working long hours, raising families and trying to keep up with our living spaces / houses / things that need to get done, life is more fast-paced and exhausting than any other time in our history. Or--at least it sure SEEMS that way! Never has our time been in more demand. Never have we ever been so connected electronically--easily accessible to whoever wants to reach us virtually 24/7 with the phones in our pockets, purses, and on our night stands.

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So needless to say--those nights where you actually DO get a good amount of sleep--you can fall asleep pretty hard from being so tired. And that is sometimes where the fun (or trouble!) begins. Now-I acknowledge that there are sleep disorders that can cause certain problems and headaches--so no hate email is necessary because I'm not poking fun at people with actual physical ailments. This is just all about the average Joe or jane and how things might occur when you're in a deep sleep that wouldn't otherwise.

Things like talking in your sleep. This is a fun one because you can engage a sleep-talker and ask them questions-and the answers are 100% of the time amusing! They may not make sense--but they're funny. I had a room mate when I was 25 who worked two jobs-one at the radio station I was at (he was our overnight guy), and one during the daytime as a Job Coach for the Developmentally Disabled. And he would sleep in  between jobs in the evening hours before he had to be to work at the station at Midnight.

I happened to be doing an earlier shift than usual one week-and I came home in the evening to find him fast asleep with his bedroom door wide open. He heard me shuffle in, sat up in bed and asked me "Did you get it?'. I looked at him and asked "Get what?" because I had no idea what he was talking about. He responded "The thing--did you get the thing??". I just responded "Yes I sure did". His response was "Oh--ok good!" and he laid back down and fell asleep again. Later when he got up to get ready for work-he had ZERO recollection of having that conversation.

Those kinds of things can get you into trouble--depending on who you're conversing with, and what you're saying--that you won't remember doing later. One time, in the middle of the night--I reached over and put my hand over the top of my wife's head-and asked her "Is that a red wig you're wearing?!"... When I awoke the next morning I had absolutely no memory of that at all. Not even any idea why I'd be asking about a red wig. And then there's sleep walking. Fortunately I don't know any sleep walkers but I had heard repeatedly that you should never wake a sleep walker. Do you know anyone who has? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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