One of the things I loved seeing when I moved here last year was the abundance of donut shops. I'm not usually one who takes the time to eat breakfast during the week, and if I do-it's usually a quick run thru a drive thru if there's time or if I'm not at work on the morning show. Coming from Illinois-I'm used to there being a Dunkin Donuts on every other corner similar to how there's a Starbucks or McDonald's never too far away. But the only Dunkin I've seen here isn't even a full-fledged store; it's a kiosk inside a truck stop/gas station on 1788 and 191 in Midland. That's a new one for me as you can't even get the full menu in this situation--let alone the Dunkin stores that were all combined with Baskin Robbins so you could get a tasty donut from the Dunkin side, and a Cappuccino Blast from the Basin side.

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I haven't started the adventure yet here in West Texas with trying all the different donut shops because we've been so focused on lunch and dinner spots while we get to know the area. Now--it's time to have that fun! I've seen many of them--Midland Donuts, Johnny's Donuts, T & T Donuts, Honey Donuts, Jack & Jill Donuts, Shipley Donuts, Southern Maid Donuts, Daylight Donuts and more.... Now I'm on the hunt to find who has the best! We'll get YOUR opinion on the Friday morning show about 6:20. Call us and tell us!

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