Maybe it is a southern thing but Gunner, has never heard of corporal punishment in schools. He said up north where he came from corporal punishment was never even heard of. He said that some Catholic schools had harsh discipline, like hand slapping with rulers. But never spanking kids with a board.

It all started yesterday morning when our Great Debate was about who was a better teacher, a man or a woman and some how we got on the topic of getting swats from coaches and Gunner asked what swats were and we told him getting licks with a paddle and he looked at us like we were crazy. We then proceeded to say that it was a very normal type of punishment when we were kids.  We did explain that parents had to sign off on whether they would allow their children to be swatted or not. He just thought that was the craziest thing, someone else spanking your children.

That lead us to this morning when the Great Debate was whether or not someone else should spank your children, especially in a school setting. Of course I was on the side of ABSOLUTELY and he on the other hand was not. I was raised where no matter where you were or who you were with, if you were misbehaving they could bust your but. My mom sure did sign that paper that allowed the school to swat me if I needed it.  Gunner said that the parents should be called to the school to discipline their kids. Oh hell no!  If I was bad enough that my mom had to come to school, I might as well dig my grave because I know had would have had hell to pay .

We all grew up with corporal punishment and we all turned out just fine.

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