Everyone in the Permian Basin remembers exactly where they were for two and half days in October 1987, when "Baby Jessica" fell down a well in her back yard. The situation quickly drew national attention and news news crews from all of the country flocked to Midland, Tx.

News coverage never stopped as everyone waited to see if the next trip down the well would rescue "Baby Jessica" Jessica McClure was 18  months old playing outside when her mother stepped away to answer the phone and fell down a well whole in her back yard. For two and half days rescue workers did their very best to try to rescue the young child. Eventually they had to bring in a drilling crew to drill horizontally to get to her. People donated from all over the country to the rescue efforts to rescue "Baby Jessica"

The short film debuted a few years later telling the story of "Baby Jessica." Tomorrow night CNN will replay "58 Hours The Baby Jessica Story."  It will be introduced by Anderson Cooper and will also feature interviews from different individuals involved in the rescue.

Director Mark Bone reveals the even more surprising, frightening, and complicated story of what happened to ‘Baby Jessica’ during her long wait in that well, and explores the impact of her ordeal on her community and her rescuers, particularly after the cameras left town. The documentary will also explore how the event impacted the community after the media attention died down. CNN

"Baby Jessica" still currently lives in the area. Now married and has children, lives in Greenwood.

I was only six years old when this happened and I remember coming home from school and watching it with my family.  We just like everyone else was glue to Big 2 News every night, hoping that each time a rescuer came up out of the whole they would have "Baby Jessica" with them. I will never forget when it finally happened and she was rescued.

You can see the entire short film with new interviews this Saturday night on CNN at 8pm central time.

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