Buying a new house is certainly a more lengthy and detailed process than I would have thought... Searching for the 'one' that checks all the boxes.... Fireplace, nice yard / patio, sturdy construction, nice spacious updated kitchen, and lots of great storage space. Not to mention nice bedrooms, including the master suite and bathroom. Once you've picked out the dream house--then you get to go thru the process of inspections, negotiating price--and for most, mortgages and financing.

Then--comes the day you close and take possession...... Time to move in!

Once all the furniture is set up and you're staying in the new place--comes the next fun part: all the unfamiliar noises a house you're not used to being in makes at night once the lights go off. Laying in bed and hearing BANG! CLAP! And you get up and start walking around--maybe even go outside to see where the noise is coming from. All normal reactions. And then--the result you aren't excited about... YOU CAN'T FIND WHAT CAUSED IT. A few nights go by--and you hear it again. So again, you go outside and look--only to get the same result as last time. No evidence of anything.

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Such is the fun of a new-to-you house and what they call "settling". Our new one was built in 2014 and according to the inspector, is still settling. He says we will likely see more cracks in the brick exterior over time--and not to worry because this isn't an indication of structural issues--it's just "settling". Which is fine with me. As long as there aren't any pots and pans flying thru the air, doors slamming on their own, or ghostly apparitions in my hallways when the lights are off--I'll take "settling" noises any day of the week!

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