Strange things have been happening to iPhone users lately, like over the weekend iPhone Facebook users were automatically logged out for no reason.

Some other things you may not know is that your phone is being tracked like never before. Apps and your phone it's self are keeping track of your usage off the app. For example you can log into your Facebook account and under Settings there  is a section called Off Facebook Activity. This will keep track of businesses and organizations you visit off Facebook. Open up the tab, clear the history and you supposedly have turned it off.

Gwendolyn McCown

To take it a step further you IPHONE has the same thing under it's settings. Pull up the settings app on your phone and scroll all the way to the bottom to Privacy. Open Privacy and you will see location services and right under that you will see Tracking. Open that up and turn off tracking and it will keep your apps from tracking your activity on your phone.

Gwendolyn McCown

It was a little scary to see when I opened mine up. It showed where I had opened my bank app and credit card apps. It showed all websites I had been too and the apps that I had opened and basically anything I had clicked on.

Location Services under settings are just as scary. I leave mine on only because I want 911 to be able to find me if necessary. If you look under there it will how long you have been at certain location, what locations you visit the most. This stuff is too much for me.