Coming from a guy who, like most of us these days, is always on the run and always off to somewhere.... Whether it's with the dog on a walk around our neighborhood in Midland, or with the wife to the mall or grocery store.... Or if we're too lazy to cook, out to eat! One way or another-it seems like time around the house is a precious commodity these days. I know, having cardio issues (born with a heart murmur and have partial blockage in the aortic valve) my Cardiologist says a daily walk of 30 minutes or more is key to keeping healthy. We also have a treadmill in the spare bedroom that my step daughter has gotten way more usage out of than my wife or I have, mostly because we just aren't home much.

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My biggest problem is--I love my food too much. I'm not overweight to the point where my heart condition is a ticking time bomb--but I also don't want it to get to that point, either. And the other strange thing (or at least, it's strange to most people who meet me and hear this that is)--I don't like water. Makes me gag when I drink it. people say it has no taste-but I argue that it DOES--and it's NOT GOOD. So-throw those things together and it really is a struggle to watch my weight and what my food and beverage intake is in order to slim down a bit and lose my "pasta belly'.

I'm not much into the whole fitness thing, and trying a diet plan has always been an attempt and fail situation for me because I just can't stick to eating things I love, even if I know they aren't good for me. So my question is this--I KNOW I can't be alone out there. If you're reading this and you're here in West Texas with me--please let me know what you've done and what works for you in order to lose some pounds. Supplements and pills in general scare me (and probably aren't a good thing with someone who has heart issues)... But drop me a line and tell me what worked for you. I'd love to hear it.

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