Most of the time when someone gets into your stuff or steals your snacks, they try to be sneaky and cover their tracks, so you don't know they were in your stuff. Not around here.

A few of us have worked together for more then 15 years and we know each others quirks and tricks. Kevin keeps candy in his office and anyone is welcome to get it. In fact he has a candy dispenser full of skittles and candy dishes filled with other kinds of candy that are out in the open for anyone to help themselves to, but not everyone has a known treat spot around the office.

Here in our office we have a little sneak that likes to help himself to other people's goodies and doesn't have problem letting you know he has been there. He is like a serial killer leaving a calling card. If there is food in the kitchen you can always tell he has been in the food by a little pinch or a single bite missing. He will take a bit out of a donut and leave it there. He also does something else very telling and I'm usually the one to find it.

He leaves things upside down. For example, I have a jar of sweet and chili crunch mix on my desk and I came in the other day to find it upside down and I knew our little creeper had been in there. If you ever find something upside down in our office just know that Leo from B93 has been there. He does it to all kinds of things like my squirt I put in my water.

Is there anything that someone does to let you know they have been there. 

Leo was here

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