Ok, I am going to join in the chicken sandwich debate, more to ask your opinion rather than to give mine. Chicken sandwiches are all the rage right now and so many chains have their own version and I want to know which one you like the best.

I haven't actually tried really any of the different sandwiches for me to say oh I like this one. I can tell you that I like the chicken sandwich form Chick-fil-A because that is really the only one I have had. I would actually like to try them. I want to try the Popeye's chicken sandwich because of all of the hype. I like Popeye's in general so I am sure I would like their sandwich.

Whataburger recently released their Spicy Chicken Sandwich, they brought some for us to try but I was out when they came. Everyone here at the office said it was good but definitely spicy.

McDonald's is now launching three new chicken sandwiches, the crispy, the spicy and the deluxe. Those will not be available until February 24th.

I have actually always been a fan of Sonic's grilled chicken sandwich, but I don't know if that counts in this debate.

So, you tell me which chicken sandwich is your favorite. Have you tried them all? Have you tried a few or have you not had any at all?

I know I like Chick-fil-A's sandwich, I am sure I will like the Popeye's and I pretty sure I will like McDonald's  crispy one.

Do you put a sauce on yours? I would have to go with chick-fil-a sauce or some kind of honey or hot mustard.


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