If it weren't for food, I am fairly certain I would know zero Italian words. Would definitely guess I know more Latin than Italian. However, one of the family's favorite activities when visiting new eateries in Killeen-Temple, Texas is dining alfresco.

We're constantly looking for kid friendly places to eat because our kids have a wide open pallet when it comes to trying new food. However, in our experience with various restaurants over the years throughout many states, is that sometimes the establishments are more dog friendly, than kid friendly. Now, it could be coming to the rest of the states too.

As you may know, we have an 18 month old baby, and dining out as a whole family can produce its challenges with our oldest just now turning 7 and often still needing quite a lot of attention himself. Don't get me started on the 4 year old with early onset middle child syndrome.


We used to love to take Louis (pronounced Lou-EE) along with us to cafes and bistros to dog friendly patios before having kids. He was always the best at sitting and listening to instructions while patiently waiting for us to be finished.

Turns out those opportunities could become a lot more common very soon for all outdoor diners. According to this article with KWTX, the FDA no longer has objections to dogs in outdoor dining settings as long as the restaurant has all the necessary approvals from local regulators.

Would you want to be seated on a date night, and see this at the adjacent table?

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OK, we're probably not quite there yet, but are you on board with sharing your date night, or other dining experience with 4 legged patrons too? This is honestly a case by case basis for me because there's been plenty of times I would rather be looking at an actual dog at the table instead of someone who acts like one.

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