Sometimes it feels like the wild west when we're driving in Texas doesn't it? Seriously, it feels like horses would be easier to control on the roadway than a motor vehicle. But this is the future, and cars are simply much faster.

But to get behind the wheel in Texas, you have to follow a checklist. Not everyone can just get a driver's license at a whim. Once you complete everything needed, then you need to pass tests, and then you can take to the road here in the Lone Star State.

But once you have the item that let's you drive, there are certain things that you must do to keep it updated. That means renewing your driving permit when it expires. Or in today's case, updating where you live on the license.

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What if you take a little longer than others to update the address though? You might want to prepare for a potential fine...

Remember To Update That License Address

According to KXAN, a representative from the Texas Department Of Public Safety stated that it is a Class C Misdemeanor if you are pulled over and your license address is out of date. A police officer also stated that while under normal circumstances a Class C Misdemeanor could result in a fine topping out at $500, the most you could end up paying is $200.

But would you pay $200 for an expired address or $11 to update the address and have a paper license for while? We think the latter is a much better option.

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