Look out! There are Star Wars Memes and mentions that are going to be ALL OVER the internet and Social Media platforms all day today--as the annual celebration of Star Wars Day ensues. It annoys some people to see it-some people couldn't care less either way, but I enjoy it because as a kid I loved the movies and have enjoyed what they've done with it in my adult years as well. I was going to wear my Chewbacca costume to work this morning, but then Gwen texted me before I left the house to tell me she was feeling ill this morning and wouldn't be at work--so that took all the fun out if it. After all--they say "Dress for the Job you WANT, not for the job you have". So it sounded like a good idea at the time...

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Either way--in your travels in West Texas today you may come across some avid fans all decked out-especially since our weather isn't supposed to be very hot today with a hi of 74 degrees.... Being in costume won't be unbearable from a temperature standpoint. If you DO come across someone dressed up for the occasion--please snap a cell phone picture and post it to the Lonestar 92.3 Facebook Page! I'd love to see it! I just thought of it now but it would have been fun this morning to have you guys call in and do your best Chewbacca growl to win concert tickets. Maybe we'll do that tomorrow! In the mean time, be safe out there and we will see you for the Cinco De Mayo morning show tomorrow morning!

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