Whenever we get here in the morning--just before the show--we have the same conversation in the studio just about every single morning. The two words used the most are "Coffee" and "Breakfast". Gwen says she could eat eggs every single day. So could I, actually. And after all--May is National Egg Month--so why not celebrate? Everyone has their preference when it comes to how eggs are prepared, though. Some people are "Sunny Side Up" people. Some people are "Over Easy" people. Some people prefer omelettes, others like those skillet bowls you'll find at area restaurants that have all the veggies mixed in with potatoes too.

I am a simple man. I prefer mine SCRAMBLED. And while I could just do scrambled plain with nothing added--it's so much more fun to experiment with the different kinds of cheese you can add. Some people like cheddar, some prefer good ole American. I am partial to swiss, and my all-time favorite is Colby Jack (which is also a favorite on top of burgers as well--but that's a different article!).

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The other fun part of Eggs is that they are great when you decide to do Breakfast for Dinner. AND--it's also a lot of fun to decide what you're going to pair them with. Some people prefer sausage like Gwen. Others like a fruit cup, pancakes, or hash browns. My go-to always is..... wait for it....... BACON!!! And then you spiral into "OK Gunner--what KIND of bacon?". So many choices there too. Like Applewood Smoked, Pepper Bacon, thick cut, center cut, thin.... My bacon of choice is MAPLE bacon. There's a brand I used to buy in Chicago that I can't seem to find here--Maple Bourbon Bacon--which is my absolute favorite. It's made my Oscar Meyer so you'd think they'd have it SOMEWHERE here in West Texas, but I have yet to find it. If you've seen it--please drop me a note here and tell me where you spotted it!

Happy eating! And thanks for waking up with us every morning!

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