As the weather here in West Texas is beautiful, nice and warm one minute and all we want to do is be outside--and then the next minute it's extremely windy with showers and severe thunderstorms the next--I'm learning slowly but surely that Spring is a very unpredictable season here. Which of course makes for some good "get under the blankets and binge watch some good shows" time! Problem is--we've watched most of what's out there, aside from finding a gem here and there. I know there's a new one out on Netflix called Shadow and Bone that we want to watch.

We aren't much into the whole Super Hero thing, but we've stumbled across The Flash--which apparently is a 6 season show that has ended--but we haven't seen. So we started watching it and we actually really like it. Now the problem is that each season has 20+ episodes and on weekends the weather has been nice so we've been out running around. I don't know much about the comic book character but I do like this cast and the show is done very well. But when the sun is shining in West Texas and there's a warm breeze to boot--you have to take advantage.

So we're on Season 2 about half way in. It's also hard not to open the phone when you're all wrapped up in the characters and read spoilers on line! So that has been the biggest thing to show restraint with so my wife doesn't boot me into the street for cheating and reading ahead... If you're looking for something to check out maybe give that a shot if you're like me and you don't really like the Super Hero thing very much other than Batman--you might be surprised like I was.

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