Help, I have lost my credit card. I wish that was a statement I have only said once but it's not. It's something I say all the time. I know it's horrible but I am so bad about losing my credit card. It used to be my debit card. One time I dropped my card on the patio at On The Border and it fell through the cracks. At least I knew where and how I had lost it.

One time I threw it away at the gas station when I was filling up my car with gas and throwing away some trash at the pump. That particular time I left the pump realized it was gone drove back to the pump looked all over the ground didn't see so I drove back to the store I had been and it and still didn't find it. I thought maybe I through it away when I threw the trash away and yep! There I wash digging in the trash can at the gash station. Do you know how gross that was?

I can't tell you how many times I have lost my debit card and now my credit card since I have had them. At least with my debit card I can turn it off until I find it. With my credit card I can't do that. Almost every time I call and cancel my card, I always find it right after. It's so frustrating because I have all my online payments set up to it and every time I have to get a new card, I have to up date everything.

Here is my solution. I got a little wallet that serves at a key chain. Hopefully now I won't be putting my card in my back pocket anymore or laying it down in my tray in my car.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

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