You could be or could have been suffering from a condition known as Dead Butt Syndrome. I couldn't believe when I read this, but apparently it is a real thing. When I first read about this condition I shook my head. I thought there is no way this could  be a thing. I thought this has to be something people were just using this as an excuse. This syndrome is something that came about during the pandemic.

We all know that prolonged sitting and little activity can have an affect on your health but I have never heard of this. It has been said sitting too long could lead to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, so no one should be surprised it could lead to Dead Butt Syndrome.

The Huffington Post describes Dead Butt Syndrome as the following: “Dead butt syndrome,” or gluteal amnesia, is a condition that occurs when your gluteus medius gets inflamed and forgets to function normally.

So basically Dead Butt Syndrome is where your butt goes to sleep from sitting on it to long. The good news is it can be reversed. You don't have to be plagued all your life with this syndrome.  There is a simple fix , get off your butt and start moving around.

The pandemic has brought about many things that we have never heard of before. This one though probably tops them all. I can't believe we have diagnosed a condition for sitting on you butt for too long. Once again, get up and move around.

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