The Year was 1991. The Illinois State Fair, Springfield IL. Garth Brooks was the headliner (and at that time, married to Sandy). Trisha Yearwood was new on the scene and was Garth's opening act. Her only radio hit was "She's In Love With The Boy" off her debut album "Trisha Yearwood". After her show, it was announced that Trisha would be out on the concourse outside the stadium signing autographs--so I beelined it out during her last song to go get in line. I was surprised when I got out there that all they had was one of those 6 foot folding tables that had a brown tablecloth on it, and one folding chair.

When the crowd applauded and the lights came up--I was SECOND in line to get the chance to meet her! I had my 8 x 10 photo in my hand, ready for her to sign for me. Unfortunately, I lost that photo in a house fire we had when I lived in Kansas back in 2012 along with some other memorabilia from my almost 23 year radio career up to that point... (Been at this 32 years this December!). Even though I lost the picture-I will always remember the day it was signed.

Here's what happened to make it so memorable:

Trisha walked out--to my surprise, ALL ALONE. She had a corduroy brown suit jacket on. And I remember this because the guy in line in front me me walked up, leaned over the table and grabbed Trisha by the lapels of that jacket and pulled her toward him across the table and KISSED HER--full on the lips--for like 5 seconds. Then let her go and took off running to my right--down the fairway. Trisha stumbled backwards a couple steps, wiped her mouth and brushed herself off, looked at me and said "DON'T GET ANY FUNNY IDEAS!!!". I smiled at her and said "No, ma'am--just want an autograph. It's nice to meet you!". She signed my photo, smiled and said Thank you, and I went back to the grandstand to see Garth's show.

The second time I met Trisha was also in Illinois--at a little theater in a town not too far from the first time. Taylorville, Illinois. Can't remember the name of the theater now--but this time I got to go backstage and chat with her. I told her that my personal all-time favorite song of hers is "The Song Remembers When"--and she told me it was hers, too! Anyway--I wanted to share some stories with you and some silly adventures I've been on with some of our favorite artists. I hope you'll come back and read the next one!

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