It's easily one of THE most embarrassing moments in my radio career. My excuse? I was a newbie. I started in radio in 1989 in Peoria, IL. And the station I was working for had Diamond Rio play our local arena--The Peoria Civic Center--in one of their convention halls we turned into a honky tonk. We set up a stage, a bar, a dance floor, and plenty of seating and tables and gave away a ton of tickets on the air for the show. This was only going to be the second concert I had been to with the station; the first being Alabama with Clint Black the year before in 1990 at the same venue.

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Fast forward to 1991 and the very weekend that "Meet In The Middle" hits #1 on the charts--we have the band in town doing a show! So there we are--the doors are open, the crowd is filing in, getting their drinks and snacks, and finding their seats. Meanwhile--I am back stage with our entire staff hanging with the band and getting ready to go out on stage and introduce them. The conversation is flowing and we're all laughing and having a great time. Marty Roe--Diamond Rio's Lead Singer--looks at my Program Director Steve Cook and I and says: "Man--have y'all heard the new song--the hot new duet Brooks and Dunn?". I turn my head, look at Steve, look back at Marty and I say:

"What??? Garth Brooks and Holly Dunn have a duet?!?!?!?!"

And the entire room explodes into laughter--except for me. Steve, my boss, looks at me, pats me on the shoulder and says: "No my friend, it's a couple of guys they just put together in Nashville and they've got a great new song out. We'll be playing it starting next week". I felt about 2 feet tall lol and just chuckled and said "Oh". Then we walked out on stage and started the show! Gotta love those silly moments you'll never forget.

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