Every Wednesday at 9:10am, Gwen and Gunner feature a different pet that needs a new forever home here in the Basin. Sometimes it's a dog, sometimes it's a cat. They haven't had any guinea pigs, hamsters, birds or snakes---yet. But you never know!

Meet Stella!


She is about a year and a half old with beautiful sleek black fur and yellow eyes!  This sweet kitty came to us pregnant and had her kittens at the shelter.  She was such a good Mama that she not only nursed her kittens but also took on some orphaned kittens!  now they are all weened and it is her turn to live a pampered life!  Most cats in a shelter environment are a little slow to warm up to strangers but this is not true for our Stella!  She is a very social kitty who loves people and attention!  Stella is good with other cats and dogs and would be approved for kids!  She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccines!  If you would like to meet Stella you can come during visiting hours which are 1-4:30pm everyday except Thursdays!  To meet her is to love her!

And if for some reason you're not looking for a pet right now--please click SHARE and post this to your social media so we can help Stella find her forever home. Or perhaps you're looking for a new furry friend who's a dog. There are so many fur babies who would love to meet you-so stop by and pay them a visit! There are plenty of dogs and cats to choose from who would love to be your next family member.

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The Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals can always use supplies as well so if you can, stop by and drop off a donation to help the staff care for the shelter animals til they can find their forever homes. Needed right now:

Cleaning supplies

Puppy Pee Pads


Unopened / New Dog and Cat Food

Cat Litter

Items can be dropped off at the office at 4200 Fairgrounds Road in Midland during business hours. Thank You!

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