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The Great Debate: Dining In or Delivery

Today's great debate is do you prefer dining in or having your food delivered.  Well, I am a delivery person. This might shock you but I am home body. I don't like to go out unless I have to. I will go out to eat sometimes when my parents are in town but not always. Most of the time I get them to bring me something back. I don't know what is about this area but it is so hard to get into a restaurant. I am not waiting an hour to eat somewhere here in town. I would rather wait in the comfort of my own home for my food and tip the driver that brought it to my door. I have been known to order an omelet on Sunday morning's from IHOP.

I know one of the problems restaurants are having is being short staffed. I know they could serve more people faster if they were fully staffed.

Young African couple at home enjoying wine and takeaway food on the couch

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