It was a LOT of fun getting to see some of our new state this past holiday weekend! We went two different ways--took the route thru San Angelo GOING, and the other way coming home--when we took a road trip to San Antonio. I haven't been on the road since we moved here last summer so it was nice to take a little break from the day in and day out usual... It was also crazy to actually see some GREEN again, as West Texas is mostly rock and dirt and brown. There were a few roads that actually reminded me of Tennessee as you go thru some hill country in between here and there...

So many great suggestions from the Lonestar 92.3 audience as to what to visit when we went--like the Tower of Americas which really reminded us of being upstairs at the radio stations I used to work at in downtown Chicago prior to coming here last summer. The views were amazing and seeing all of the history of Texas stuff up on the walls was a very interesting read! There were also a lot of great restaurant suggestions--like Casa Rio, and the Republic of Texas on the Riverwalk... We also found one we really liked and it was right next to the Hotel Valencia where we stayed--called Acenar.

One common thing, seemingly no matter where you travel to here (as we've also been to Dallas and Corpus Christi before as well)--is how amazingly friendly and welcoming everyone in Texas is. Doesn't matter what part of the state you're in. We couldn't be happier we landed here and look forward to seeing so much more. Thanks again for all the calls and suggestions on what to go try and see! - Gunner

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