As the son of a former Air Force pilot and current Delta Air Lines pilot, airplanes have always been a large part of my life. Flying around to see family was a normal thing that the Paradise family would do. My dad also has a lot of airplane history items stored at their house.

I may not be able to name every airplane I see, but seeing an airplane take off always reminds me of those times when we packed up and sometimes had to hustle through security to get to wherever were going.

Sometimes also waiting at the airport all day to get on a flight, but I digress.

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Now KVUE reports that a historic aircraft carrier aptly named Kitty Hawk was sold to an organization in Texas. Many wanted to see the carrier become a floating historical monument, and also serve as a museum, but unfortunately those plans never came to fruition.

Before we discuss the ridiculously low price the carrier went for, take a look back at Kitty Hawk:

And now for the moment of truth. How much could this large historic aircraft carrier be sold for?

$2 million perhaps? $5 million at the highest? It had to have sold for $500,000 at the lowest, right?

All those guesses are incorrect. The carrier sold for small, mere...1¢.

Yes you read that right - a single penny for this piece of history. Almost makes kind of sad that the plan is too simply break it down and sell the metal.

This makes me wonder why they couldn't make it like the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi. The Lexington has all these cool amenities, too. They even have an escape room on it!

I wonder if there's a way for them to possibly save it before it's scrapped. Hopefully there is.

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