From an early age, all of us are taught certain ways to act. One of those life lessons? Don't run away from something if you did something wrong.

Yes, the temptation to run away from a bad thing you've done is certainly something we've all had the urge to do. But sometimes it's just breaking something you weren't supposed to touch, or you hear a noise that sounds like an issue is beginning to happen.

But then there are times when you witness some outright silliness and you can't help but wonder "why?" In Tyler, Texas, this is one of those times.

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One Inmate In Tyler Tried To Do What?

In many videos posted to the social video website TikTok, one Texas inmate took a chance. One that in the end, may have created more trouble for him:

First off, did this individual really think this was the right move? Breaking out of a police vehicle to try and escape in front of Texans videoing him? Second, he's from Central Texas?!?

The Central Texas Man Who Tried To Escape

Timothy Chappelle, according to KLTV, is from Killeen. And as shown in the video, he was shortly captured after his attempted flee from the law. Due to his attempted escape, he has received another charge of escape while arrested/confined, in addition to his original charges of burglary of a habitation, KLTV reported.

This attempted flee also reminds us of Brandon Wayne Hogan, who is currently still on the run from the law. We encourage you to call Texas Crime Stoppers if you've spotted him.

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