Killeen, Texas woman is going through a crazy situation that I would never want to be a part of. According to our partners at KWTX News, Khairah Ail has an unwanted visitor living under the deck of her home.

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Khairah Ali stated she noticed a 2-foot lizard under the deck of her house on Dickens Street. She said she was alarmed when she first noticed the scaly intruder, but soon recognized the lizard as being her neighbor's pet.

When she spoke to the proper authorities, Khairah was told to just be patient and wait for the lizard to emerge from under the deck. This is definitely the type of patience I do not have.


Anybody who knows me knows that I am very much an animal lover, but reptiles...I do not do well. I can't blame this woman for being a little nervous. The good news is that, according to PetHelpful, tegu lizards are considered "mellow" and "affectionate", so at least this poor woman doesn't have to worry about getting Godzilla'd.

The bad news is that Khariah Ali says she has had migraines and anxiety since the spotting the lizard and knowing that this gigantic reptile is living under her house.

What is weird (to me) about the story is I lived in the Dickens area about a year ago and it was not uncommon to see exotic animals on Dickens Drive. I literally live next door to a man who raises chickens and roosters. They will come to our door and go under our deck as well.

All I can say is that I hope the little guy will emerge soon and be safely captured so he can go back to hanging out in his den and not bothering this poor woman. Creepy crawly things are definitely something I cannot do!

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