(Austin, Texas): We've all noticed it at one point while visiting somewhere haven't we? Someone is just hanging outside a store for no other apparent reason than to just be there. To be fair, sometimes they're just waiting for a friend to get off work or meet them.

Let's be real, though - most times, individuals just choose to hang outside a business just for the sake of hanging outside of it. While this is convenient for the individual in question, it might not be so convenient for the business itself. There's potential for the unnamed individual to block the place of business, or bother customers trying to enter.

One business in particular has taken one step in an attempt to stop potential loiterers being outside their business.

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Austin 7-Eleven Goes To The Opera To Dissuade Solicitors

In what can be described as an interesting tactic, an Austin 7-Eleven has resorted to playing loud music to keep people away from the business. The owner spoke to 13NewsNow regarding the playing of the music, saying it has kept loiters and solicitors away from hanging around the business.

Jagat Patel, the previously mentioned business owner, stated to the news organization that the tactic is indeed working. But for others around the area, they find the blaring music rather annoying, and at times, unnecessary.

One person named Salem simply told 13NewsNow that she finds the music not needed, and too loud to the point where she can hear at certain points during the day.

But we turn the question over to you: Should the business continue to keeping playing the music or should they find a different approach? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE Station app!

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