A woman from San Antonio, Texas went all Waiting To Exhale on her now ex-boyfriend. According to reports, Texas deputies have arrested 23-year-old Senaida Soto for breaking into her ex-boo's home, stealing some stuff, and then setting the house ablaze. Chiiiild, what is going on in this world we live in today?

Come On Sis

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office says that Soto got upset when another woman answered a FaceTime call she made to her boyfriend. So, she took it upon herself to go over there and set the couch in the living room on fire. Sis, what were you thinking? Authorities responded to the call around 1:45 AM on Nov. 20.

But, Get This

Come to find out, the woman who answered the FaceTime call was actually the boyfriend's relative (Insert facepalm here). She can't deny it either, because there's a video of her doing it, according to the police.

Oh Wait, There's More

According to police, Miss Soto the savage had the audacity to send a text to the boyfriend after she left the house to burn, writing, “I hope you’re home it’s okay.” Oop. What? No ma’am! That's going to be the question we are going to be asking you after you get that sentence.

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Who's Going To Pay For This?

She is now facing burglary and arson charges. Along with first and second-degree felony charges, we shall see how much time she will get. With over $50,000 worth of damages estimated so far, I really hope they have some good insurance. Cool heads prevail. Next time, lets think this out a little better.

K-Lew out!

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