Here’s a hotel you don’t want to mess with.

Admittedly, I haven’t traveled much over the last three years (thanks to COVID, of course). But even before that, I had found myself staying at Airbnbs more so than hotels.

So, maybe this is something that many hotels are doing these days and I’m just now becoming hip to it.

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Anyway, I was staying at a Sleep Inn & Suites down in Fort Worth recently and noticed a sign I had never seen in any other hotel before. I didn’t really even pay attention to it at first. But, while brushing my teeth the morning after I checked in, I took the time to read it and thought it was brilliant (and frankly, hilarious).

You or someone you know has probably taken a towel from a hotel you stayed in at some point in your life. It seems harmless, because it’s just a towel, right?

Maybe you justify it as something you’re entitled to after paying for a room for the night. Or maybe you’re just a kleptomaniac.

Whatever the case may be, it’s stealing and it’s wrong.

Apparently, people have been helping themselves to a lot more than just towels during their stay at Sleep Inn – and they’re fed up with it. So, they figured out a way to combat it.

Take something from one of their rooms and they’re going to charge you for it. Steal a bath towel and that’ll cost you $20. Like that coffee maker so much that you must have it for yourself? That’ll set you back $50.

Yeah, they’ve pretty much assigned a value to everything but the TV, phone, and furniture.

So, go ahead and help yourself to that fancy comforter you just can’t live without. Just know that you’ll be getting a bill for it.

Johnny Thrash
Johnny Thrash

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