Hey I am for anyone opening up a business, but I don't know how well this would do in North Texas.

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So I go online today and I see some folks talking about this Satanic Hotel opening up in heart of Downtown Plano's Art District. Of course I am curious so I had to check this place out.

What do you need for a Satanic Hotel to work? Some upside down pentagrams, some Lucifer statues, a literal Baphomet sitting in your room. Fun fact, Baphomet is the goat thing in case you did not know the name of it. Ahh yes, and of course their pool comes complete with a burning cross behind it. I won't lie, the devil sinks are pretty cool. Imagine Satan barfing over your hands to get them clean. Install one in my house please.

When is this supposed hotel opening up? Why of course on June 6th at 6PM.


So where is this hotel? Uhm...that's the problem. This hotel is not real folks and to people who are falling for this. Sorry, you got trolled. Apparently this whole thing was created using AI art. I found the girl on Instagram who claims to have made it using an algorithm.

So sorry if you had your hopes up to enjoy June 6th at 6PM at this place. You will have to find another way to spend that day I guess. Might I recommend taking a ghost tour of Hell's Half Acre in Fort Worth instead. Looks like North Texas had it's own Red Light District back in the day and the debauchery that took place is something that Satan himself would appreciate.

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