I don't get it, I don't understand it, I will never be about that life, but not everyone is like me. Some folks are thrill-seekers and I simply live through them. I hear their stories, take their word for it, and vow, per usual never to visit any place that may be haunted, like ever. If you happen to be one of these ghost adventurers or hunters, then this list is definitely for you!

What if I told you you are most likely to spot a ghost if you visit any of these 3 places here in Texas? Tens of thousands have visited over the years and have said yes, they did in fact have 'experiences.'


1. According to onlyinyourstate.com, if you visit 'woman hollering creek' in Guadalupe County, at night, you will very likely catch a glimpse of La Llorona. Wait, she's real? I thought this was just folklore, a made-up story my parents would tell me to scare me to get me to mind. 'La Llorona is going to get you if you don't clean your room!'

Oh, she is very real and legend has it that she drowned her child in order to win over her lover who was not fond of children. Immediately filled with regret over what she had done, she then took her own life. If you dare go near the creek, you will hear her loudly crying out, searching for her child in a white flowy dress.

2. Hotel Galvez in Galveston, TX-imagine staying in this hotel, specifically room 505 according to onlyinyourstate.com, lying in bed trying to fall asleep and suddenly you catch a whiff of some flower-scented perfume. You may think to yourself I don't wear that perfume what the heck? Or better yet, you're a man, alone and you know for dang sure that is not your cologne!

'The Lovelorn Lady' may have just joined you to turn in for the night. It is said that she haunts this room after hanging herself in it decades ago upon finding out her husband was killed at sea.

3. Baby Head Cemetery in Llano-I already do not like the sound of this one, it is horrifying and I don't even have to hear the tale. But I will enlighten you. Baby Head Cemetery got its name when some Native Americans in the 1800's murdered a baby and placed its head on a stick in order to keep strangers off of their land. It was a warning, stay out...or else.

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