This is apparently a huge debate! Tamales with or without ketchup. Tamales are staple especially during the holidays and the question is do you eat them with or without ketchup?

I eat mine with ketchup, for sure. Now I probably wouldn't eat ketchup on the green chili and chicken ones, but the pork ones definitely. The other day a girl here at the office brought brisket tamales, which I have never had and I was sad I didn't get to try them, because they were all gone before I had the chance, but I would probably put ketchup on them.

Someone the other day told me they had sausage and potato tamales. I have never heard of the that but I would probably put ketchup on those too.

Do you eat ketchup on your tamales? I know some people say no way! And others say they eat them plain or with hot sauce.

Where is your favorite place to get tamales? Growing up we would always get them from one of the local churches that would make them occasionally or at Christmas.  Now since I don't get to go home much I like to get my tamales at Saucedo Tamale Factory in Midland.

Another thing I like to get there is their gorditas. They make them jut like they do at home in Seminole. I love when I get food that reminds me of home. I know it's only an hour a way but still.

At Christmas time we were talking about getting tamales for Christmas and by boss said, what's the deal with tamales? I said, uh it's just what you eat at Christmas. Being from St. Louis, they had never had tamales before.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown


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