We all dream of winning the lottery, when in all actuality most of us never play, but know exactly how we would spend it.

This week the Mega Millions jackpot is at $750 million and the Powerball jackpot is up to $640 million. When jackpots are this high more people play the lottery more than ever.

The question is what would you do? Most people don't have to think to hard about that because most of us have it all planned out. Here is what I would do with my money.

First off I would give my ten percent to the church. Then I would probably take a very nice little vacation, stay in the nicest room and act like I am queen of the world. After returning home I would look for a nice piece of land and build my dream home. It wouldn't be anything to extravagant, but very nice and everything would be top of the line.

The next thing I would do is I would pay my car off and probably get a Maserati convertible.

I know it sounds like it's all about me right? No, there are so many people I would take care of. Of course my parents and my sister. All though they would not be given a lump sum but rather an allowance. I guess you could say I would put them on the payroll. LOL There are also some family members I would make sure they were taken care of and never had to worry about anything again.

I would also take care of some of my very close friends. I would probably give a few of them at least $1 million a piece.

The next thing I would do is open a girls home. I have always wanted to do that. I have always wanted a place to where girls could come and be safe and given a better life. I would teach them how to be a lady and do my best to make sure they got the skills they needed to make a better life for themselves.

I would stay working but I would be traveling a lot!

What would you do if you won one of these major jackpots?

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