The grill in the picture is mine--a birthday present from my Mother In Law the year Vicki and I got married.... She passed away a year later. And to this day I cherish this grill and use it every chance I get. Thanks Margaret!

Ok--so I'll say it... I'm a charcoal guy. I like my food cooked with a charcoal grill over gas. I think it adds flavor--especially to steaks and burgers. There are many who like and prefer gas. Less mess, less clean up. And you don't have to empty any ash receptacles, or dump any ash before your next grilling session. Plus, you don't have to stock up on the coals and lighter fluid. (And YES--there must be lighter fluid--none of this buying the pre-soaked stuff). I get it. But for me, the extra work is totally worth the effort for the flavor. And after all, that's what it's all about, right?

Or is that the hokey pokey, after you've turned yourself around?

Anyway--I'd rather go thru all of that and have great tasting food, rather than cooking on  what's basically an outdoor stove. Oh--and there's work involved with gas, too--taking the propane tank to be filled. To me, a bigger pain than picking up a bag of charcoal--not to mention, also less dangerous in my opinion. With my luck, the thing would explode as I was trying to reconnect the gas line to the grill.

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It's an adventure to grill in West Texas either way with the wind that never seems to stop... And being from up north, where they never stop grilling--not even in the snow in the dead of winter--I'm so glad we have temps that mostly hover in the upper 50's this time of year, and that the sun stays out most of the time as well. Cheers to another great grilling season--and to fun backyard gatherings with family and friends. But if you're coming to my house, we won't be cooking outside with gas.



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