BIG Debate on the morning show this morning as to whether or not it's EVER ok to lie... Of course the whole male/female dynamic was brought up like being asked if your butt looks too big in a dress or pair of jeans... Simple small things like that Gwen called "Fibs", saying there was a difference between "fibbing" about small stuff that doesn't hurt anyone vs lying about big things that matter. We even asked Leo from our sister station B93 to pop in and chime in, and he was with Gwen on the whole "fibbing" thing... Saying that small things like whether or not salt was put on the popcorn--even when someone was seen putting it on but they said they didn't--were small insignificant things that really didn't hurt anyone so it was no big deal.

Not like lying about where you were to your significant other, or something even bigger that would really matter to whether or not your relationship survived or not--like cheating. For me, lies are lies whether they are "fibs" or not. Untruths are untruths. There is no "qualifying" them as to whether or not they are serious enough untruths to cause harm to someone emotionally or physically. We even had listeners chiming in talking about the big lies we tell our kids about that "ho ho ho" time of year... For me--lies are lies. Doesn't matter if they are big or small. Share YOUR thoughts on the subject here!

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