Doesn't matter if you live in an apartment complex, a house, a duplex--wherever... Noisy neighbors are the worst. Especially when you can't escape the racket. My noisy neighbor story... When I lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor--there was a Preacher who lived in the apartment below me. Of course hosting mornings, you're in bed way before the average person is--usually by 9pm at the absolute latest. So needless to say-when you have a neighbor who is a Preacher and likes to practice his sermons  at 2am that include singing at the top of his lungs--it's not a pleasant experience to be awakened by.

At least 3 nights a week--religiously (pun intended) at around 2am--he would sing "OH LORD, I NEED YOU NOW!!!".... So loudly it would wake up half the building. So--one morning I was talking about this at the radio station--and a guy on staff said "Do you have a nice stereo at home? I have the solution for you". He went into our recording studio, and came out 15 minutes later with a cd in his hand and said "Play this nice and loud next time he does it and I guarantee it will stop".

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So I took the cd home, and just before bedtime I placed my speakers flat on the floor so they were basically pointed at the Preacher's ceiling--turned up the volume and pressed "Play" then "Pause" on the cd player so it was all set to go--cranked up the volume and I went to bed. Sure enough--right on time just after 2am--he was singing again. So I jumped up, went to the living room and hit PLAY... And I hear A BIG CLAP OF THUNDER SOUND EFFECT, and then in a loud booming deep voice: "THIS IS THE LORD..... SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP!!!!!".

Each and every time I saw the Preacher either on the staircase or in the parking lot afterward--he was always smiling. The 2am singing stopped. And until the day I moved out--I never had to worry about an early morning singing session waking me up! Do YOU have a noisy neighbor story to share? Drop yours here.

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