All week this week and possibly into next--there will be a few areas in Odessa you'll want to make a plan to avoid in order to keep your typical commute close to usual time... Starting today and going thru next Friday-Parker Drive between Walnut and Maple is closed as crews work to replace a city water main line. Another project that also starts today will be a gas main replacement going on on 8th street. The right lane between West Loop 338 and Coronado will be closed to all traffic heading east. That project could last up to 4 weeks, and will likely cause bottleneck situations at peak travel times so plan an alternate route if this is part of your normal travel.

As always-if you see an accident or run into a sizeable delay on the roads--call Gwen and Gunner and let them know--as you are the eyes and ears on the streets for us. Be a part of the Lonestar 92.3 Traffic Network any time by calling in when you see something at 423-563-8-923, or 432-561-8336. We're in the studio every morning so we count on you to be our info source when something happens the people of the Basin should know about on the roads.

Now that warm weather is approaching and road trips and travel will be more frequent-might wanna take the time to check your supplies in the trunk, make sure you have what you need in case of breakdown. Also a good time to change the oil and check the tires--and make sure they're inflated to where they need to be for safety and good gas mileage. Be safe out there!

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