Today was a hard day. It's been two years now since I had to put my Isabella Sue down due to health complications; and the wounds are still so fresh it's like it just happened yesterday. I've read articles that talk about the grief of the loss of a pet can sometimes even be greater than the grief over the loss of a loved one or a person in our lives. I will always remember the day I met her. She was a stray who someone had found wandering around the streets of St. Joseph Michigan, and turned in to the shelter in case the owner went looking for her... I guess whatever "grace period" they had in place that allowed time for the owner to come and claim her had expired and they decided to bring her to an adoption event they were having at a local pet store.

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My wife at the time and I went to the pet store to buy supplies for the one dog we owned that day, and as I pulled into the parking lot--I saw the sign that said "ADOPTION DAY" outside the front doors of the store. I looked at her and said "We are NOT getting another animal today--we are just going in to buy dog food and treats". As I walked around the store looking at dog toys--there she was in the aisle. They had her on a yellow leash and a young lady was walking her around the store. They stopped in front of me, and I bent down to pet her. She was such a sweet puppy. Probably about a year old at that point. They had named her "Honey" because of her color.


I fell in love instantly. And I think I can be bold enough here to say--so did she. I filled out the paperwork--while the then-wife laughed at me because I was so adamant that we weren't getting another pet that day. And we met them and picked her up the next day after they did whatever checks they needed to do with the papers. And the rest is history. I changed her name to "Isabelle". She soon after picked up the middle name "Sue". So she was always my "Isabella Sue"--and sometimes just "Izzy" or "Belle". So many years of her moving all over the place with me being in radio, my daughter Sommer growing up with her--the time flew.

We had her for 14 of her probably more close to 15 years on the planet. Not long enough for me. I wanted her to live as long as I do. I couldn't imagine my world without her in it. She's been my best friend thru divorce, heartache, triumph, laughs, tears, you name it. And if you've ever loved an animal like me--you know this pain I'm talking about. It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. But when I look at her pictures I smile thru the tears and I know she's my furry angel watching over me. And I also know that she's happy that I continue to share my love with our other rescues Reagan, Bryn and Lexi.  Rest in Peace sweet Isabella Sue. Daddy loves you. <3

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