Being the "new guy" here still in Midland--and discovering all my new city has to offer (I haven't been here a year yet so I'm still new lol)... A sign the warmer weather is finally going to stick around--it's the return of one of the things I've come to love about moving to this area... The Midland Downtown Farmer's Market! It started this past Saturday and will once again run on Saturdays all season long and I couldn't be happier! I think I'm going to get brave this year and put the leash on my eldest K9 and bring her down for a walk thru. I see people with their dogs all the time going thru the market and they're absolutely adorable--so perhaps my Reagan can make a few  new furry friends...

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I'm ready for warm weather and sweet corn on the grill! Love getting fresh veggies right from the source and also love all the little side booths. My wife has a favorite jewelry maker there who makes his own stuff from stones he finds and works on in his shop in the garage. It's definitely a unique experience walking thru the many food and trinket vendors and checking out all they have to offer.

Market corn

We happened to find something really cool for my step daughter's room too--at one of the craft booths. Back in Illinois-my wife had all of these cool sayings on my step daughter's bedroom walls... And she wanted something here for her for the Texas bedroom that was similar. We were able to get a sign made with her favorite phrase:


Saturday-if you're looking for something to do--head to the Midland Downtown Farmer's Market. Reagan, my wife Vicki and I will see you there!

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