When I started working in radio nearly 20 years ago, I attended a radio station Super Bowl Party along with my family. One of the things we received at the door was a free registration ticket for a chance to win a series of door prizes. As it turns out, my dad won a large 50-inch Hitachi projection screen television that weighed about 250 pounds. It was the pride of my parents' family room until last summer, when my mom finally decided to "upgrade" to a 26-inch HDTV that conveniently fit in her bookshelf. The big monster television is now collecting dust in her garage, until she decides to leave it out on the porch and give it away to a random person driving by on their way to a weekend garage sale.

That family moment brings us to Sunday's crazy ending at Super Bowl XLIX, when Seattle inexplicably decided to throw the ball from the one-yard line with less than a minute remaining. Although the video is staged, I now understand what it would feel like to destroy that old Hitachi 50-inch projection screen television that used to be in my parent's family room.


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